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Substitute Home Tutor

In this modality we take in teenagers and young people who are victims of the armed conflict and come from different regions of the country. In Bogota, they live with a foster family that provides them with a caring and protective environment in which they can restore their rights.

For the processes of care and accompaniment, the teenagers and foster homes have an interdisciplinary technical team at the Foundation in areas such as psychology, social work and nutrition.

The objectives we seek are that young people can rebuild their formal and informal links with society and give new meaning to their experiences so that when strengthened, they can resume their life project.

We currently have a capacity to serve 30 teenagers and young people.


How to become a foster home tutor?

Age: between 35 and 57 years old

Health: good physical and mental health conditions

Shooling: first school year of highschool (9th /ninth grade) approved and certificate or training

Experience: have experience in raising,working with children or teenagers

Caregiver: The person in charge of the home must have full time availability to provide care and attention to children and teenagers in need of parental guardians

The person in charge of the home must have the ability to distribute time, delegate and guide rules of coexistence, be a guide and leader of a new young person in their home.

Not have a criminal recordor consumption of psychoactive substances.

First, in a pre-selection, the interested parties fill out an application form. Then in the selection, we will evaluate the conditions of the family for the care of children or teenager, as follows:

-We will evaluate the physical conditions of the housing. We will also make a socio-demographic analysis to identify the presence of vulnerability factors (psychoactive substance outlets, natural disaster risk areas, risk products such as flammable substances, etc.).

-We will conduct an interview with the family to assess vulnerability and generativity factors, as well as emotional conditions and parenting skills.

-We will convene the candidate families to playful induction and training workshops.

The home will have an interdisciplinary technical team that will accompany its work.

They will participate in workshops on working with children and teenagers in an administrative process of restoration of rights for young people separated from the armed conflict.

Although this work is not remunerated, they will receive recognition from the State in the form of a scholarship, which is equivalent to one minimum wage for the total number of days attended.

They also receive a maintenance fee exclusively for the upkeep of the children and teenagers.

If you live in Bogota and would like more information, please call [1] 4757649 / 47 | 4660358 / 57 | 3103416221/30, email [email protected] or send us your information here.

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