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A family for life

In this care pathway, we seek children to be the protagonists in a family that loves, cares and protects them for life.

To achieve this, we have two types of care:

Institutional home



Institutional home

We provide affection, care and temporary protection to children whose rights have been violated by situations related to neglect, mistreatment, abuse or abandonment.

Under this program, the children live in our Foundation until their reintegration to their family of origin or their integration into an adoptive family is defined.

A team of caregivers and professionals in the areas of psychology, social work, nutrition, pedagogy and nursing accompanies the children and the families involved in the process.

While the children live with us, they enjoy their rights in a healing and nurturing environment, so that they recover, as soon as possible, the right to be protagonists in a family that loves and cares for them forever.

We have the capacity to care for 62 children between 1 day of birth and 8 years old -as maximum age of admission-. We welcome more than 180 children per year.

We invite you to take a tour of our Foundation with a very special guide: one of our little ones.


Through this program, CRAN searches for the most suitable families, Colombian or foreign, for children in adoptable conditions.

CRAN is one of the institutions authorized to carry out adoptions in Colombia. We look for the most suitable families so that the children, in a defined legal condition, recover their right to have a family that will love and care for them forever and grow up in a loving and caring environment.

We accompany and prepare all families who wish to adopt a child with a process of reflection and awareness. The objective of this is to build a protective, caring and loving family.

The Colombian Institute of Family Welfare - ICBF - is the authority when it comes to adoptions in Colombia. We recommend that you consult their website by clicking here for all the information about the process.

Here you can find the costs involved in the CRAN adoption process.


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